About Project

Barn Raising Logo red smallerWhen Jim launched his own startup in 2013, he knew he had to practice what he preached.  The site was called Barnraisings.com, a crowdfunding site for Minnesota nonprofits.   He could have waited years to perfect the code, but following the principles of Lean Startup, he launched as soon as he had a minimally viable product.  From those initial experiences, he was able to learn from his mistakes with low cost and risk and then scale from a point of certainty and strength.  Through A/B testing, he got hard data on what drove people to the site and to give.  This data informed him how larger campaigns could be successful.  Empathize, test drive, learn, and repeat became the main mantra before and after launch.


Launch a crowdfunding site using Lean Startup principles.

Lean Startup, design thinking, empathy, prototyping, user testing, and lots of learning.