About Project

FLF LetterheadAired on PBS stations around the country in 2004 and 2008, Guerrilla Guide to Politics (GGP) is a hip, high-energy, quick-paced look at how young people can become involved in the democratic process.  Instead of being preachy, it treats the audience with friendly banter, empowering them to exercise their civic muscles.  The show breaks down complicated civic lesson plans into manageable segments, highlighting practical topics such as how to register, how to vote, and how to contact public officials.  Similar to “Rock the Vote”, it was created to speak to high school and college viewers who have not yet learned the value of taking part in our unique political process.  By using a cutting edge sound track, quick cuts, and high-powered graphics, Guerrilla Guide never loses its young audience.  Jim was founder, writer, producer, and co-host.

Fascinating Learning Factory

Create a TV show that would educate teens on civics without putting them to sleep.

TV producing, writing, editing, on-air presentation, ability to break down complicated subjects into interesting, understandable nuggets.