About Project

General Mills makes a number of the brands you buy every day, from Cheerioes to Yoplait to the big Green Giant.  They needed help on one of their newer brands “Food Should Taste Good” (FSTG). One of the brand pillars is that food shouldn’t just taste good, but do good in the world.  How could General Mill authentically communicate this to the customer in a meaningful way?

General Mills

Create a meaningful relationship between the brand and the consumer. Figure out how the product “Food Should Taste Good” should do good in the world.

Design thinking, innovation, facilitation, and strategy.  


Our work led FSTG to focus on community gardens, food deserts, and healthy shopping habits.  They also created celebrity chef-inspired recipes using FSTG products that anyone can make.  Overall, FSTG is a main product in the organics division which led to $348 million in sales in 2014, one of the fastest-growing in the company. General Mills also recently announced it will remove all artificial colors and flavors from its cereals, an effort pioneered by FSTG.