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Jim Rettew clientAs the Strategic Director for Royce Strategies, Jim developed high-level strategic campaigns for government and corporate clients including the Australia Tax Office, Medicare Office, and Yellow Pages.  In Australia, he was one of only three people using dial meter analysis to test creative ad copy.  In this example, Yellow Pages wanted to test the efficacy of their TV ad, and dial meter analysis allowed a second by second assessment to see if certain words, phrases or pictures were resonating with the audience.  The ad got extremely high marks and shed light on the fact that while many people thought Yellow Pages was becoming outdated it also held nostalgic sentimentality.  They described it like a warn-out sweatshirt – while a bit worse-for-wear, it was something that made them feel comforted, nostalgic, and pleasant.

Yellow Pages Australia

Test the efficacy of their TV ad campaign and tag lines.

Market research, focus group facilitation, dial meter analysis