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The best way to manage is a crisis is to take proactive steps to avoid one.  While at the Zoo, Jim helped defuse negative stories of the dolphins’ departure. Before Jim arrived, the dolphins were a source of negative media stories and political discord.  The dolphins were schedule to leave in just over a month.  The Zoo’s relationship with the Governor’s Office had suffered after the Zoo was awarded money for the dolphin stadium just weeks before the dolphins departure was announced.  Jim reestablished the Zoo’s relationship with the Governor’s Office.  He reached out and met with Governor’s Chief of Staff and Deputy Chief of Staff as well as arranged zoo visits with the Admin Commissioner and the Governor’s policy staff. By approaching their departure directly and transparently, and by celebrating their legacy, he turned a negative story into a positive one.

Minnesota Zoo

Reframe the story of the dolphins leaving into a positive one.

Crisis communication, media relations, marketing, storytelling, team building, coalition building