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Boulder has embarked on a community-wide, decades-long goal of keep traffic levels to 1994.  As a member of the Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) for the City of Boulder from 2000-2006, as well as chairman for three years, Jim helped pass innovative policies to keep the number of cars on the road from rising.  While TAB was just one component of this comprehensive community effort, they helped the cause by:

  • Recommending a Transportation Master Plan that promoted alternate uses of transportation
  • Built out the bike and pedestrian trail systems
  • Recommended a new transit village with a major transit oriented development component
  • Recommended new branded buses and bus routes to connect Boulder to surrounding communities
  • Promoted the use of neighborhood eco passes (yearly bus passes) for HOA groups
  • Redesigned two major roadways with additional bus, bike, and pedestrian amenities
  • Worked with RTD to put bike racks on local buses
  • Promoted the use of smartcards as bus passes to collect data on bus customer behavior

During his tenure, the City of Boulder won a number of national awards and announcements including ‘Best Bike City’, ‘Best Transit City’, and ‘Most Pedestrian-Friendly City’, and even 20 years later, traffic levels have remained relatively stable.

Transportation Advisory Board (TAB) for the City of Boulder

Keep traffic to 1994 levels

Innovative policy development, innovative collaborative community building, facilitation, political strategy, deal negotiation, coalition building, strategic planning