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Attract & Manage the Media to Advance Your Organizational Goals

Media Relations

When it comes to attracting media, we’ve got a pretty good track record.  Jim helped make the Red Cross in Colorado the most publicized nonprofit in the state.  We know what makes a good story, and we know how to pitch it.

Strategic Communications

We don’t communicate to hear ourselves speak, but to achieve specific objectives.  Are you putting out press releases and newsletters without knowing how they aid your mission?  Let us help you draw a direct line-of-sight between your communication tactics and your goals.

Political Communications

As practicioners of over ten campaigns including ones for Governor, U.S. Senator, and state legislature, we know how to position candidates in the best light.


We don’t communicate to hear ourselves speak but to achieve a specific organizational goal.  Here’s the process we follow to align communication tactics to strategy.

  • What is Our Goal?

    What do we want communication to achieve? Revenue, donations, volunteers, advocacy? What's our objective?

  • Who is Our Audience?

    What is the specific demographic and psychographic that we are trying to reach?

  • What is our targeted message?

    What is the message that has been proven to resonate with our targeted audience?

  • What tactics will we use?

    We tailor our tactics to best communicate our targeted message to our specific audience.

  • Did we succeed?

    We measure our results and tweaks steps 2, 3 & 4 to make sure we're hitting our mark.


See Our Track Record.

Media is Our Sweet Spot

We’ve helped organizations become the most publicized in their state.  Let us do the same for you.

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See Jim’s Media Chops While At the Red Cross

Jim Has Appeared On:

Jim Rettew media appearances

“I’ve been doing this news thing for a long time, and I can tell you that the work you’ve done on behalf of the Red Cross has been outstanding.  If you ever need a recommendation, I will loudly sing your praises.”

Jerry Bell, KOA Radio