When Kennedy made his famous moonshot speech in 1961, people thought that he was off his rocker.  Yet, eight years later, there was Neil Armstrong sitting on the moon. ‘Moonshot’ expresses a deep appreciation for vision and innovation, but also the sentiment that those in the public sector can pull it off too.

You may not need to shoot for the moon, but what’s your equivalent?  What’s your big, bodacious goal that will send your organization into the stratosphere?


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  • Jim Rettew
    Jim RettewPrincipal

    Jim is a mission-driven intrapreneur, someone with entrepreneurial DNA but who works inside organizations doing good in the world, injecting them with business discipline, right-brain inventiveness, and media savvy to move the needle of social change.  With a master’s degree in public policy, positions as chief officers within the American Red Cross and Minnesota Zoo, and years of building campaign coalitions including in his own race for state legislature, he is adept at both policy and politics, a get-it-done performer and infectious communicator who builds alliances to positive results.

    Policy Innovator. Jim’s policy innovations have won national awards. During his tenure as Chair of the City of Boulder’s Transportation Advisory Board, the city’s bike commuting network, bus designs, and pedestrian corridors won best bicycle city, best transit city, and most walkable city. In addition, he is the winner of the 2012 Minnesota Idea Open and a 2013 Humphrey School Policy Fellow.

    Strategic Executive. As Chief External Relations Officer at the Minnesota Zoo, Jim was in charge of marketing, PR, sales, government relations, and education.  There, he led 11 educational managers in charge of 40 different programs through a department restructuring process to better align the department’s objectives and performance to the Zoo’s overall mission.

    Rainmaker of Positive Press Stories. As the Chief Communication Officer at the American Red Cross in Colorado, Jim positioned the Red Cross to become the most publicized non-profit in the state. Over a two month time frame, we received 350 press hits, five times more than any other non-profit. He is still on the Red Cross’ national rapid response team, deploying to large scale natural disasters across the country.

    Track Record of Successful Marketing Campaigns. Jim’s Red Cross marketing team helped their health and safety division (CPR, first aid courses) have its best year ever, exceeding sales goals by 15 percent. In addition, they hit their AED sales goal in one year instead of three.

    Social Media Specialist. After Jim’s team overhauled the website at the Red Cross, web traffic increased 900 percent, online fundraising 300 percent, and Twitter followers from 100 to over 3,500.

    “I am looking to create that which transforms, to build that which counts, to experience what is true, and to do stuff that matters.”

  • Mike Erlandson
    Mike ErlandsonConsultant
  • Dawn Erlandson
    Dawn ErlandsonConsultant

“Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art.”

Andy Warhol